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Hedges just seem cooler in Germany.  (at Cappel)
+First Weekend in Germany!


I know what you’re thinking, why just make a post about the first weekend in Germany? IT WAS JUST THAT IMPORTANT, OKAY.

Well, the time leading up to Germany, I was very non-chalant about the whole thing, I feel as though I was the least nervous or hyped up the whole trip. But once I got on the…

+"Is there a high chance that we'll bump into President Obama on the way to the Bathroom"?


So the road to Germany continued with the Gateway Orientation in D.C.

So being from New Jersey, there really was no point in me taking a plane to D.C when it was literally a 4 hour drive from NJ to DC. However, this trip was not all rainbows and ice cream, ESPECIALLY SINCE I WAS IN A CAR WITH…



From Lifeguard Station 26 / #15, 1999by John Humble

Eduardo Mata Icaza

Hundertwasserhaus, Vienna (by Dragonovski)
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